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Lead paint or lead-based paint is paint containing lead. Before 1978, in the United States, lead was added to paint to speed up drying, increase durability, maintain a fresh appearance, and resist moisture that causes corrosion. As lead paint ages, it can chip or crumble into dust.  The only way to know if your house has lead paint is by testing for it.  

Although lead has been banned from household paints in the United States since 1978, old layers of house paint, which are under the newer coats of paint, can be disturbed during construction.  

Many people suspect they have lead paint on their house, but only a certified lead test or certified home lead inspection can determine that.   Call All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. 310-470-9218 if you need a certified lead tester at your house.  We usually have people available to perform a home lead test the same day you call.

In Los Angeles, certified lead inspection testing results are the only official way to know whether there is or isn't lead paint on a house even though many owners assume they have or don't have it.  The manufacture and sale of Lead based paint was outlawed in the United States after 1978.  According to EPA regulations, houses built after 1978 do not have lead paint and there is no need to test houses built after 1978.  The EPA lead paint regulation applies to houses and structures built before 1978.

Lead-based paint testing results are usually available the same day as the test.  A written certificate stating the presence or absence of lead in a house is given at the completion of the lead testing in Los Angeles.   If the house tests results are negative for lead paint, the EPA Repair, Renovation and Painting (RRP) rules don't apply.  Call All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. for a certified home lead test before you paint if you suspect you have lead paint on your house.

Lead testing prices range from $350 and up depending on various factors including: The size of the interior and exterior of the house, number of windows, and ease of access.  There is a minimum price to site test for lead based on the size of the job.  After that, the final cost of lead testing is based on the amount of items tested.  Often the lead test results are available the same day as the inspection.

Call All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. 310-470-9218 to schedule a certified at home lead paint test.

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