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Rain gutter cleaning by All Los Angeles Painting Company 310-470-9218

Rain gutters clogged with leaves are a common cause of water damage to housing.  Many times the cause of interior wall or ceiling water damage comes not from a leaky roof, but from clogged rain gutters.  Additionally eaves and rafter tails can get dry rot due to the excess water over flow from clogged gutters.    

All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. 310-470-9218 checks and cleans rain gutters as part of all exterior painting jobs.  We also do rain gutter cleaning as a stand alone job.  

Gutters are designed to capture rain water and direct that water away from your house. If the gutters are filled, water can't properly be channeled away from the house.  Water then either over flows or backs up into the roof.  Cleaning is necessary for the gutters and down spouts to function properly.     

Often tree leaves, dirt and roofing debris clog gutters.  All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. hand cleans and removes leaves and debris from your rain gutters.  After the debris is removed, we flush water through them and make sure the down spouts are unclogged and water is being dispersed away from your house as the gutter system was designed to do.  

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