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A skilled painting contractor knows how to recognize and repair points of entry for rodents and pests.  All Los Angles Painting Company, Inc. 310-470-9218 has 27 years of experience protecting Los Angeles area homes from pests and rodents.  

All good exterior paint jobs involve some type of rodent and/or pest exclusion work.  Quality painting contractors locate as many points of entry as possible.  The homeowner should be shown or notified of them, and the painting contractor should make suggestions about the best way to protect the house.  

Experienced painting contractors include patching of smaller openings and cracks within the scope of their work.  Filling large openings with steel mesh or wood blocking is generally outside the scope of a painting contractor's job.

When we talk about pests, we mean termites.  Termites generally swarm twice a year in the spring and fall.  When they try to enter wood on a well caulked house, they can't get in and have to go elsewhere.  This is why good caulking work on exterior painting jobs is so important.        

When we talk about rodent exclusion, we mean preventing rats and mice from entering your structure.  Rats can get through an opening the diameter the size of a quarter.  A mouse can get into an opening even smaller.  They will happily live in, under, or in the attic of your house and create a disgusting mess.  All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. 310-470-9218 includes a free rat prevention and exclusion evaluation with every paid exterior painting job.  

There are a lot of rats in Los Angeles.  They prefer to live in a house if they can get in.  Making your house less attractive to rats and mice is the first step in keeping them out; and getting them to leave if they are already there.  The items listed below are part of All Los Angeles Painting Company's check list to keep your home rodent-free.

Each adult female rat can give birth to more than 40 baby rats a year. Rats generally tend to stay within familiar territory.  One mother mouse can have up to 100 babies a year.  Mice also tent to stay within a small territory.   

When they find an space that suits their needs, such as a home and attic, they make it their home.  Rats and mice eventually die, and when they live in your house, it's often in safe place like your attic, inside your wall, or under your house. The smell is unmistakeable and not what anyone wants in their house. 

Even when the holes are all sealed, the rats and mice that are stuck inside must be trapped and removed. If you have rats or mice, a professional rat trapper should be used in conjunction with sealing up a house.

Here are some easy tips for rat and mouse control that you can do yourself:

Garbage, food and pet food should be kept to a minimum around the home.

Fallen fruit from fruit trees attracts rats.  Regularly remove fallen fruit from around your house.

Keep trees trimmed back and away from the house. Trees touching your house provide easy roof access for rats.

Eliminate debris, clutter, and leaf piles from your property.  Homeowners should their have house perimeter checked every few months.  

Preventing rats from getting into your house requires a combination effort between homeowner, gardner, and house painter.

Once All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. has located the openings on your exterior, we will show them to you and discuss ways to seal them. Small openings or holes in the stucco get sealed when we paint your house.  Larger openings require a carpenter or exterminator to be properly sealed. 

At All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. 310-470-9218, rodent exclusion and prevention checking is free on all exterior paint jobs.     

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