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Los Angeles homeowners often request to have their security or burglar bars permanently removed.  All Los Angeles Painting Company at 310-470-9218 is skilled at carefully removing security bars from windows.  Many customers prefer the clean look of a house without security bars.  Advances in home security and monitoring systems have made removing window bars a popular exterior painting design choice.

Many customers ask "who can remove my security bars?"  Homeowners are pleased to know that All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. can have their steel window bars removed and hauled away as part of their exterior paint job.  We also do security bar removal as a stand alone job; you can call us just to have your burglar bars removed and hauled away.  

Burglar bars are usually screwed or bolted into the wood window framing, masonry, or cement surrounding windows.  All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. carefully removes the screws and metal bars.  Unskilled removal of security bars can damage wood window framing and leave large unsightly damage to the stucco or wood substrate.    

All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. can patch the holes after security bar removal to prevent water and termites from damaging any framing.  We use either stucco or elastomeric caulking to patch the holes left after security bar removal. Removal of window bars or security bars on an average 2000 square foot house takes approximately one day to complete properly.  

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