C2 Paint Color Inspiration

Pictured above is a Clivia Miniata flower with matching colors from the C2 Paint company’s color fan deck. C2 Paint’s full spectrum, 496-color palette was inspired by colors from the natural and art worlds. Their one-of-a kind pigment system makes their colors truly luminous.

C2 Paint uses a full range of colorants that harmonize better with design elements like rugs, furniture, fabrics and accessories. C2 Paints are full spectrum paints because of their unique use of multiple colorants to achieve their hues. Additionally, C2 Paints don’t use light absorbing black tints. Instead, C2 uses multi-colored tints to achieve each of their beautifully luminous colors.

C2 Paints are available in Los Angeles. All Los Angeles Painting is a skilled applicator of C2 Paints.

Clivia Miniata Color Inspiration

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