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Choosing color is personal and emotional.  Multiple factors go into selecting appropriate hues.  They include individual preferences, room size, lighting, existing furniture, art, architectural elements and cognitive associations.  

Benjamin Moore Favorite Taupe Paint Colors

Taupe Paint Colors

Taupes are neutral paint colors that combine elements of gray and brown. They produce a warm, calming aesthetic. Taupes complement various design styles and provides a beautiful backdrop for décor. When working with taupes, keep the following in mind:  Taupe is an excellent base color that works with both cool…

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Atelier Paint and Plaster Color Chart

Atelier Paint Colors

Atelier’s collection of 66 hues showcases their philosophy that color has the power to transform spaces. With a deep understanding of that, Atelier paint colors embody this philosophy. Each of Atelier’s curated colors creates a mood and tells a unique story. From vibrant and energetic shades to subtle and serene…

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Sinclair Paint Sintone Ultra Deep Colors

Sintone Colors Sinclair Paint

From the late 1980’s to the mid 1990’s, Sinclair Paint Sintone Colors Ultra Deep Palette pushed the boundaries of traditional palettes, offering a range of saturated hues that made a powerful design statement. The philosophy of the Sintone Palette was to provide an immersive, transformative experience through color. These deep,…

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Dunn Edwards 2024 View to Wonder Paint Color Palette

2024 View to Wonder Palette

Dunn Edwards 2024 View to Wonder Palette was inspired by the intersection of nature and technology. This palette captures the essence of our new era, where boundaries dissolve, and possibilities abound. With an appreciation for life’s wonders, the View to Wonder palette invites us to romanticize the ordinary and embrace…

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Behr Farmhouse Inspired Paint Colors

Farmhouse Paint Colors

Farmhouse paint colors embrace earthy tones to create cozy, welcoming design schemes. Drawing inspiration from rural landscapes and country life, these hues evoke a sense of nostalgia and charm. Soft neutrals like warm whites, creamy beiges, and muted grays dominate farmhouse inspired color palettes. They provide a versatile backdrop for a…

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Dunn Edwards| Life in Poetry 2024 Paint Color Palette

Life In Poetry Colors

The 2023 Dunn Edwards Life in Poetry colors transport us to laid-back summertimes. Create a cheery, informal aesthetic and design your own oasis of peace with these carefree lifestyle colors. The Life in Poetry palette exudes a spirit rejuvenating freshness. Soft pastels, reminiscent of sun-bleached hues, coexist harmoniously with vibrant…

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Behr Gold Tone Paint Colors

Gold Tone Paint Colors

Use gold tone paint colors to enrich design schemes with aesthetic, psychological and Feng Shui benefits. These hues infuse any space with opulence and elegance. From a design perspective, gold tones convey warmth and richness. Gold’s reflective properties create depth and dimension, enhancing the overall styling of a room. Whether…

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Dunn Edwards | Dura Paint Mermaidcore Paint Colors

Mermaidcore Paint Colors

Enjoy the allure of the ocean and mythical sea creatures with mermaidcore paint colors. Immerse your space in tranquility and mystery with these ethereal blues, shimmering greens, and iridescent purples. Showcase your sense of fantasy and adventure; inspired by the ocean depths. Utilize mermaidcore colors to transform any space into…

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Clare Paint Spring Pastel Colors

Spring Paint Colors

Pastels are often considered spring paint colors because they evoke the freshness and vibrancy of the season. These soft, light hues play a significant role in interior design schemes, and create an aesthetic of renewal and rejuvenation connected to nature’s reawakening. Incorporating these shades into your decorating scheme infuses it…

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Kilz Earth Green Paint Color Palette.

Earth Green Paint Colors

Earth green paint colors connect us to nature’s life giving essence. If you’re drawn to these hues, chances are, you want to surround yourself with their calming, grounding energy. Earthy greens range from soft, mossy greenery to rich, vibrant emeralds. Each shade has its own unique character, but all of…

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