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Los Angeles Home Management

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With over 36 years of experience in the luxury home market, All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. offers home/estate management services. For homeowners who are particular about how their interior and exterior is maintained, but don't want a full time person or staff to manage their home, our management services are for you.

No one has a better eye for detail than Alan. We have flexible residential property management programs at any time frequency requested. All Los Angeles' residential estate manager services are for homeowners who live full time in their homes and for those who reside away from their homes.

We monitor and keep fresh the interior and exterior painting, landscaping, and consult with your regular home service providers to make sure that they are performing at the highest level.  All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. has worked with the most discerning and demanding clients.

We perform a set maintenance program to keep your house in good running order. We run every unused faucet, check under sinks and toilets for leaks, check light bulbs, refrigerators, rain gutters, house perimeter, security system, property gates and doors, sprinklers, remove cobwebs, monitor the landscaping, full exterior perimeter checks for rodent/pest exclusion, pick up deliveries and put them inside for you.

Our trustworthy staff provides good communication, integrity, and confidentiality -- the hallmarks of our maintenance services. We phone or email as requested to keep you updated about your property.  We perform your regular home service maintenance tasks so you don't have to.