America’s Favorite Exterior Colors

As you drive down Any Street, USA, you can’t help noticing the same five shades on almost every house. These classic, timeless hues are America’s favorite residential exterior colors. Homeowners from coast to coast showcase their personal style with these popular shades.

First on the list is white. This versatile, classic color is perfect for modern or traditional homes. White reflects light, keeping the house cooler in warmer climates. It also makes an excellent base color to pair with colorful accents like a brightly colored front door and shutters.

Tan is another popular color, warm, and inviting, working well with a variety of colors. This classic shade never goes out of style and is perfect for homeowners who want a subtle and sophisticated look. Tan pairs well with darker trim for a dramatic look or lighter accents for a softer appearance.

Gray is a sophisticated, neutral tone that complements many architectural styles. It works well with white trim for a classic look or bold colors for a more modern appearance. Additionally, gray is an excellent choice for areas with high humidity or frequent rain, as it shows less dirt or water stains than other lighter colors.

Yellow, a cheerful and popular color, ranges from light pastels to bold mustard hues. It creates a classic look when matched with white or gray trim. Pairing yellow with black or navy trim gives a more modern feel.

Finally, Blue is a popular exterior color that provides a serene, calming field, making it ideal for homes near the water or in coastal areas. Pair blue with white trim for a classic look or with other shades of blue for a more monochromatic appearance.

In conclusion, white, gray, tan, yellow, and blue are classic, timeless hues that homeowners most frequently choose to showcase their personality. Whether seeking a classic or modern look, America’s favorite exterior colors can help achieve the perfect aesthetic for any home decorating scheme.

America's Favorite Exterior House Paint Colors.
America’s Favorite House Paint Colors. All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc.
America's Favorite Exterior House Paint Colors.

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