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Choosing color is personal and emotional.  Multiple factors go into selecting appropriate hues.  They include individual preferences, room size, lighting, existing furniture, art, architectural elements and cognitive associations.  

Benjamin Moore Crayola Paint Color Collection.

Benjamin Moore Crayola Colors

The world of colors comes alive with the Benjamin Moore Crayola Crayon paint collection. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Crayola crayon box, Benjamin Moore created a range of hues that evoke nostalgia and unleash unlimited creative possibilities. The collection showcases 144 colors that capture the essence of childhood creativity. From…

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Portola Roman Clay | Persona.

Portola Roman Clay | Persona

Portola Roman Clay | Persona is a warm, elegant, sophisticated, beigey blush. With its soft, earthy undertones and subtle variations, it creates a cozy and visually pleasing aesthetic. Roman Clay is a modern wall finish that mimics ancient Roman plasterwork. It offers a range of design benefits to enhance a…

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Behr Golden Yellow Paint Colors.

Golden Yellow Paint Colors

Use Behr Golden Yellow paint colors to enhance your decorating scheme with a warm, vibrant, and luxurious touch. This captivating hue is appropriate for a variety of personalities and architectural styles. Golden Yellows are ideal for areas of social interaction and creativity. Moreover, whether used as an accent or applied…

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Benjamin Moore Most Popular Green Gray Paint Colors.

Green Gray Paint Colors

Color plays a crucial role in establishing the mood and ambiance of any space. Consider using Benjamin Moore’s Green Gray paint colors to bring balance, versatility, and sophistication to your design scheme. Here’s how Green Grays enhance spaces and appeal to individual preferences and styles. Green, symbolizing growth and renewal,…

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Minwax 2023 Color of the Year | Aged Barrel.

Minwax 2023

Minwax’s 2023 Color of the Year is Aged Barrel. Aged Barrel is a rustic brown with soft gray undertones that enhances the beauty of natural wood surfaces. It’s a versatile choice for personal spaces, providing a vintage, handcrafted look with a touch of sophistication. Aged Barrel inspires a mindful approach…

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C2 Paint Deep Red & Purple Paint Colors.

Deep Red and Purple Paint Colors

Decorating with C2’s deep red and purple paint colors creates a rich and luxurious aesthetic in a space. Both hues are associated with sophistication, and creativity, and provide many decorating benefits:   Bold and dramatic, deep red evokes feelings of power, passion, and excitement. It is a strong color that…

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America's Favorite Exterior House Paint Colors.

America’s Favorite Exterior Colors

As you drive down Any Street, USA, you can’t help noticing the same five shades on almost every house. These classic, timeless hues are America’s favorite residential exterior colors. Homeowners from coast to coast showcase their personal style with these popular shades. First on the list is white. This versatile,…

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Using Aquamarine Paint Colors in Home Decoration.

Using Aquamarine Paint Colors

Aquamarine is a pale blue-green that is reminiscent of the sea. Also referred to as teal, it has a range of decorating benefits for design schemes. The color is considered soothing and calming. Use it to create a relaxed and tranquil aesthetic anywhere.   Psychologically, aquamarine promotes a feeling of…

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Dulux Feature Wall Paint Color Inspiration Ideas

Feature Wall Colors

Feature walls are a great way to add interest, depth, and personality to any space. By creating a focal point with a vibrant color, you can transform a plain, boring space into a stylish and inviting one. Here are some decorating benefits of creating colorful feature walls. Feature walls create…

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Benjamin Moore Kansas City Royals Team Paint Colors.

Kansas City Royals Paint Colors

Add team spirit to your sports-themed color update with Benjamin Moore’s Kansas City Royals paint colors. These rich, bold hues work well together or separately, depending on your aesthetic and the style of your home. Let’s explore the decorating benefits of using Royals Blue and Royals Gold: Firstly, Royals Blue…

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