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Choosing color is personal and emotional.  Multiple factors go into selecting appropriate hues.  They include individual preferences, room size, lighting, existing furniture, art, architectural elements and cognitive associations.  

Dunn Edwards August 2023 Paint Color of the Month | Beaming Sun

Dunn Edwards August 2023

Dunn-Edwards August 2023 Color of the Month, Beaming Sun (DE5218), is a subtle orange-yellow associated with joyfulness and vibrant energy. Beaming Sun encapsulates the warmth and cheerfulness that only a yellow can provide to a decorating scheme. Beaming Sun has many decorating benefits. First, it infuses a space with brightness,…

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Clark+Kensington August 2023 Color of the Month | Pure Pink

Clark+Kensington August 2023

Clark+Kensington August 2023 Color of the Month is Pure Pink 03D-2. It’s a midtone pink with cool undertones that offers styling and decorating benefits to breathe new life into any decorating scheme. Pure Pink adds a playful yet elegant touch to any room. Its cool undertones give it a contemporary…

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Sherwin Williams August 2023 Color of the Month: Silvermist

Sherwin Williams August 2023

Color plays an important role in setting the tone of any decorating scheme. Sherwin-Williams August 2023 Color of the Month, Silvermist, exemplifies this perfectly. It’s a soft blend of blue-green and slate gray. It conveys the essence of a relaxed modern coastal space. Silvermist is a remarkably versatile and elegant…

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Dunn Edwards Dura Barbie Inspired Paint Color Palette

Barbie Inspired Paint Colors

When it comes to decorating, color plays a vital role in creating a harmonious and inviting space. One unique and vibrant option is Barbie-inspired paint colors. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Barbie doll, these colors bring joy and playfulness to a design scheme.  Barbie-inspired colors like soft pinks, sunny yellows,…

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Renner Chroma Paint Color Collection

Renner Paint Colors

Renner Paint Colors are rooted in the concept of chromaticity. Chromaticity is based on color perception—hue, saturation, and brightness. Renner’s Chroma Color System produced colors that are exceptionally accurate, visually pleasing and true to its intended shade. Catering to diverse architectural and design styles, the collection has hues ranging from…

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Martin Senour 1994 Decorator's Palette Fan Deck | Interior Spectrum Paint Colors

Martin Senour Paint Colors

Dominated by pastels and mid-tones, these Martin Senour paint colors were curated to produce calm and sophisticated design schemes. They provided a backdrop that allowed room elements, such as furnishings and collections, to take center stage. The philosophy of this 1994 era color collection emphasized simplicity and timelessness. The goal…

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Dunn Edwards July 2023 Color of the Month | Summer at the Shore

Dunn Edwards July 2023

Dunn Edwards July 2023 Color of the Month is Summer at the Shore (DEFD53). It’s a refreshing aquamarine blue that conveys the essence of relaxed beachside living. This makes it perfect for those wanting to decorate with beach vibes. “Summer at the Shore” evokes the image of clear waters meeting…

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Benjamin Moore July 2023 Color of the Month | Starry Night Blue

Benjamin Moore July 2023

Benjamin Moore July 2023 Color of the Month is Starry Night Blue. This rich, deep tone connects to the vastness of the night sky and brings a sense of sophistication to any room. Starry Night Blue goes beyond visual appeal to soothe body and mind. It’s an excellent choice for…

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Sherwin Williams July 2023 Color of the Month | Kale Green

Sherwin Williams July 2023

Sherwin Williams July 2023 Color of the Month is Kale Green. This lush shade exudes an enchanting energy that captures the essence of tropical boho vibes. Whether used a little or a lot, Kale Green creates a classic aesthetic. This vibrant hue infuses any space with an organic beauty and…

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Behr July 2023 Color of the Month | Vermilion

Behr July 2023

Behr July 2023 Color of the Month is Vermilion. It’s an energetic shade that connects with the essence of summer. Use this robust earthy clay-red for interior or exterior spaces. Vermilion complements a variety of design styles, ranging from traditional to modern and eclectic. Utilizing Vermilion as a front door…

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