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The meaning of a home is evolving.  It used to be a place to sleep, cook, eat, do homework and shower.  It has now also become our office, school, gym, castle and base for social connections whether they be virtual or socially distanced.

The evolving needs of our homes serves as the catalyst for people seeking to beautify and enhance their dwelling through color.

Carefully selected colors harmonize design elements and set the mood for your home. All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. has helped customers decorate for over 36 years.

We are familiar with color palettes from most American and European paint manufacturers.  We have an extensive library of current and vintage fan decks and color cards that provide easy decorating inspiration.

We'll advise you on the latest color trends and classic color combinations.

Choosing colors is personal and emotional.  Several factors go into selecting appropriate paint colors. They include room size, lighting, existing furniture or architectural elements, and the client's color preferences and cognitive associations.

As a general rule, pleasing color combinations are complimentary or matching.  Colors not in harmony with each other are considered clashing or loud.


Things To Consider:

  • What colors inspire you?
  • What are your color preferences?
  • What is the lighting in your house and the effect it has at different times of the day?
  • Color makes a huge difference in how you enjoy your space. Inspiration can come from nature, travel, the city, magazines, furniture, fabric, your childhood, and your feelings.
  • Be on the lookout for good colors. Collect swatches of fabric or take pictures of colors you like when you see them.

Colors Scheme Tips:

  • Irregularly shaped rooms are better when painted mono-chromatically as they help to conceal wavy lines at the ceiling and wall connections.
  • Respect the architecture, style and period of your home.
  • Consider using different colors on the woodwork, walls and ceilings in more traditional, regularly shaped spaces.
  • Traditionally, deeper colors are applied to walls and lighter colors are applied to the ceiling and woodwork.
  • Don't use color gratuitously. Often, less is more, when it comes to color.
  • Check out your local paint company's color palettes online or visit the store to gather paint chip samples. 

Homeowners can do a lot of color selecting groundwork before they speak to a professional color consultant. 

An easy way to find colors is to go to This house painting information site links to complete color systems from 55 unique American and European paint manufacturers. 

All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. provides color consulting on an hourly fee basis.