Port0la Roman Clay

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 Roman Clay

Enhance your home with the sophisticated look of Roman Clay.  Use this elegant finish to decorate an entire room or provide a subtle accent to one wall.  Its unique look puts it in a class by itself.      

Roman Clay is an applied finish that replicates the aged plaster found in the ancient villas of Tuscany.  It provides visual depth and rustic originality to interior walls and ceilings.  

Portola Roman Clay is an eco-friendly plaster that comes in 40 standard colors.  Smooth and versatile, it has a marble like effect.  It's perfect for both traditional and contemporary design schemes.  Roman Clay can be incorporated into any design scheme without needing to change existing colors.


All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. Roman Clay | Patagonia.

All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. is a skilled applicator of Roman Clay.  Call 310-470-9218 to have this impressive finish applied in your home.