Home Maintenance Advice

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A well maintained house can make you the envy of your neighborhood and give you a tremendous sense of pride.  There are hundreds of ongoing tasks involved in the proper upkeep of a house and yard.  Learn about them here.      

Automatic Sprinkler Valve leak detected.

Checking Automatic Sprinkler Valves

Lush lawns and vibrant gardens go hand in hand with automatic sprinklers. However, unnoticed sprinkler system leaks can lead to water waste and property damage. Regularly checking the automatic sprinkler valves lets you find leaks quickly, and prevents unnecessarily high water bills.   Landscape Beauty: A well watered landscape enhances…

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Keeping Entry Gate Motor Free of Leaf Build-Up

Security Gate Motor Cleaning

A gate motor is an essential component of a home security system, providing convenience and protection. To ensure smooth operation and longevity, keep the motor area under the plastic cover free of leaf build-up. Here are the benefits of security gate motor cleaning and maintaining a debris-free gate motor: Leaf…

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A Structure's Natural Enemy. Vines Growing on a House.

A Home’s Natural Enemy

Letting vines grow over your house creates significant problems. Vines are a home’s natural enemy. They damage the structure and create potential safety hazards. First, vines provide a direct pathway for rodents and insects to invade a house. They find ideal hiding and nesting spots, increasing the risk of infestation…

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Best Practices for Home Smoke Alarms

Home Smoke Alarms

Home smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are essential safety features in any home. Smoke alarms detect smoke from fires, while carbon monoxide detectors monitor the air for harmful levels of carbon monoxide. Here are some best practices for using these devices in your home: Install Smoke Alarms in Every…

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Regular Rain Gutter Cleaning.

Regular Rain Gutter Cleaning

Regular rain gutter cleaning is an important home maintenance task. One of the primary reasons to keep gutters free of dirt build-up is to prevent structural damage. When gutters load up with debris, rain water accumulation can cause them to sag or pull away from the roof. This can harm the…

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The importance of properly functioning down spouts.

The Importance of Functioning Downspouts.

Improperly working downspouts can contribute to structural problems including: Roof damage, interior structural framing damage, peeling interior paint, drywall damage, dry rot, mold and mildew growth.

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Front Yard with Dead and Diseased Trees. All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc.

Remove Dead and Diseased Trees

It’s not uncommon for people to get so caught up in their daily routine that they stop noticing what’s right in front of them – including the exterior of their home. Neglecting the condition of your property has a negative impact not only on your own home, but on the…

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Home Maintenance Tip: Paint Exterior Window Frames. All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc.

Paint Exterior Window Frames

Paint exterior window frames every few years to protect and preserve your home. Windows are one of the first things people notice when looking at a house. Keeping windows painted properly is important for several reasons: Protection: Paint acts as a barrier, protecting the window frame and sill from moisture,…

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Curb Appeal Failures & Shutter Ugliness.

Curb Appeal Failures & Shutter Ugliness

Exterior shutters are considered a decorative enhancement of the window area. Shutters visually expand a window and its importance. These inexpensive and popular architectural details add color and dimensionality to a home. Aesthetically pleasing shutters are always of the same style and sized properly for the window opening. Pictured here…

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Home Management | Fruit Trees Over Roof. All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc.

Fruit Tree Branches on Roof

Keep fruit tree branches off and away from the roof. Fruit trees growing over a roof create multiple problems, especially on flat roofs like this one. It allows rodents access to your roof, the rotting fruit attracts flies, and it’s an attractive food source for larger pests, like racoons. Additionally,…

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