Home Maintenance Advice

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A well maintained house can make you the envy of your neighborhood and give you a tremendous sense of pride.  There are hundreds of ongoing tasks involved in the proper upkeep of a house and yard.  Learn about them here.      

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Seal Roof Jacks

Make sure to seal roof jacks before the winter rains. Most leaks aren’t from broken down roofing, they come from improperly sealed roof jacks. Cracked, weathered sealant allows water directly into your attic and that can damage your ceilings. Seal your roof jacks every year to prevent costly water damage…

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RustOleum Vintage Light Restoration. Los Angeles Home Management.

RustOleum Vintage Light Restoration

This vintage Mid-Century light was restored with Rust-Oleum paint. This charming ceiling light is 60 years old and after being painted with Rust-Oleum gold metallic, it looks like new again. Restoration is the art of making old items look new. It’s good for the environment and is often less expensive…

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C2 Full Spectrum Paint Colors

C2 Full Spectrum Paint

The C2 Paint collection was inspired by natural world colors. It contains 492 full spectrum hues. The simple meaning of full spectrum is complex colors. An average C2 paint formula has 7-12 color components compared to an average 2-3 for conventional brands. Additionally, C2 Paints don’t use light absorbing black…

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